Adding a Sixth Book

Doing Creative Writing–Steve May

As it happens, the day after I posted about the five books that should be on every undergrad creative writer’s bookshelf,  Steve May’s Doing Creative Writing arrived in the mail (thanks, Steve!).  Now, bias alert, I consulted on this book, providing the American perspective, and wrote the foreward –but that’s how I know it’s an essential book.  It’s also the only one of it’s kind.  Steve May is the Head of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, an experienced writer who’s won lots of awards in fiction, drama and poetry.  In this book he offers “advice to help get started,” as well as “advice about how to get the most out of the [major] as it progresses.”  In some ways, it can be seen as a pre-cursor to Tom Kealey’s book, and no less important.  Ordering online is probably your best option (it’s available from most online venues); I will no doubt be requiring it of my students soon.

And in other news. . .

No wardrobe issues this weekend.  I’m beginning to see a connection between school anxiety and clothing anxiety.

Great writing project workshop this weekend on Heart Mapping.  Afternoon pumpkin carving and then an exciting UCA Homecoming game against Nicholls State which UCA won in overtime.  Go Bears!


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3 responses to “Adding a Sixth Book

  1. tim

    I hate that I couldn’t make it back for the WP!! How is everyone?

  2. Everyone is great, Tim. You were missed. Your ears should have been burning.

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