Best Christmas Present Survey

Yes, it is hokey and completely unoriginal, and yes, I’m still not vacuuming (soon!) but I forgot I wanted to put out a survey of the best inanimate Christmas present you ever got as an a. adult and b. child.  I put in the inanimate qualifier because several important people (and a few animals) came into my life at Christmas and I’m sure lots of people feel the same.

 My two:

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Christmas 1990
Claddagh Ring from my husband (then boyfriend). Speaks for itself.


Christmas 1978
Welcome Home Baby
Yes, I was eleven and yes, a laaaate bloomer. Still loved baby dolls  I had fallen in love with this doll over the summer in a toy shop on Cape Cod. We looked everywhere for it when we got home to Albany but to no avail. I was absolutely convinced I had no hope of getting it for Christmas. I think the story is my father and grandfather actually drove to Cape Cod for it. Can you say, “only child?”

Ok, now I really want to hear YOUR stories. Send em in! To up the ante, I’ll enter any post about this subject into the January drawing, in advance of it.

Now, off to do some speed vacuuming.



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3 responses to “Best Christmas Present Survey

  1. tim

    Adult: 2006– MP3 player. I’m not a gadget person, but I don’t know how I lived my life without my RCA Lyra. So, it’s not an iPod. I still love it.

    Child: 1989– My most memorable childhood Christmas gift was a Cabbage Patch doll I got when I was 4. He was blond boy named Duncan Kent. I remember him so well because I didn’t like his name at all; I wanted my doll to be named Michael. But the CK’s came already named with little birth certificates. My momma told me it would be alright if I changed Duncan’s name, but I always protested, “I can’t, Momma, it’s on his birth certificate!”

    I wonder now if my mother had to fight off hordes of maniac mothers in the store for that doll. Cabbage Patch dolls were the Tickle Me Elmos of the late 80s. Then I remember she’s an early Christmas shopper and probably picked Duncan up in June, way before the toy store Christmas fights.

  2. Oh, the best ever was the typewriter. It looked a lot like this one…

    I was eight. I disappeared with it into my room. When Dad called me to Christmas breakfast, I shouted, “In a minute. I’m writing.”

    There’s been no present since that’s come as close to perfect.

  3. Oh Monda, I hoped you would write about the typewriter. I love that story.

    I’m glad someone else wrote about a doll, Tim. I well remember the cabbage patch craze. I bet your mom really did have to fight for it. Duncan–what a great name–I’m glad you didn’t change it. Do you still have him?

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