Golden Books Survey–and the giveaway begins!



Here’s the plan–if you write me with the titles of your favorite golden books growing up, I’ll write a review that includes backstories on those very books! Sort of an interactive book review. So, let me know with a comment:

Were you an old school golden book devotee who liked the books and illustrators of the Golden heyday Tenngren, Weisgard, Scarry and Wilkin, the 40’s and 50’s, in books like:
Photobucket” alt=””>

Or were you more of a transportation gal or guy, into books like:

Photobucket” alt=””>.

Or maybe, you favored the Sesame Street gang and your favorite was among classics like these:

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Whatever your pleasure, if you were a child from 1942 on, chances are there was a golden book title that suited it. So write in and let me know. Even if you can’t remember the title, describe it as best you can. Who knows, maybe I can find it.  You’d be suprised!

And remember, any comments from now to February 4 will enter you in the second wordamour giveaway, with goodies garnered from the AWP bookfair and any other book-related stuff I can procure.

Bye, y’all.


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15 responses to “Golden Books Survey–and the giveaway begins!

  1. I only had one Golden Book – Chicken Little. I bought it at Ben Franklin’s instead of army men and was a little disappointed.

    After spending every afternoon in the Hendrix underground library with complete check-out freedom, those litte Golden Books just didn’t seem like real books to me. They didn’t have the heft of a library book or the selection.

    Chicken Little side-by-side with The Little House or anything by Dr. Suess…well, it’s no contest. I was ruined early.

  2. taryn

    I love the ‘Monster at the end of the book’ Golden Book with Grover. Soooo funny 🙂

  3. Nicole

    I had several Golden Books, but my favourite when I was very small was “Where is the Bear?” by Betty Hubka. I think I still have most of it memorized.

  4. Where is the Bear? I’m going to go look that one up in my Santos book. Monster at the End of this Book is classic! Chicken Little. Hmm, may not have been one of their best.

  5. Grr

    Oh my gos, I had The Together Book! Actually, my grandmother did; I think it was the copy she read to her kids growing up. That’s the one where the kid has the roller skates, and the other kid has the key, and then someone has a malt and someone else just sort of happens to be carrying two straws around? I loved that thing.
    Okay, did you ever see Strong Bad E-mails? A couple of guys wrote a children’s book about an athlete called The Homestar Runner, and when that didn’t really take off, they took the characters and made the whole thing into a comedy website. They’ve been going for at least five or six years now. The villain answers e-mail every week, and he makes fun of peoples’ names and grammar and spelling, and then sets out turning the question offered into hilarity. I want to link directly to the kids’ book one, but if you haven’t seen it at all, you need a proper introduction.
    Is there any chance in the world you know what I’m talking about?
    I remember one about a kid going to visit his grandparents and something about a red jacket. Also one where Bugs Bunny has a carrot-making machine. Also one where these kids go to the ocean and the little sister steps on a sea urchin.If I find these, I will remember their names.
    You need to stop being awesome. It’s freakin’ me out.
    Also,heck yes, Monster at the End of This Book.

  6. I am going to HAVE to check out that site, Garrett. Wow, your memory is like a steel trap (no pun intended). After you described it, I remembered the skate key from the together book too! I’ll see if I can find the other ones–I know I can get the title of the Bugs.

  7. callmeabookworm

    Never read any of these, sob sob! I’ve included this giveaway in my weekend post on my blog, so hopefully others readers will remember.

    It’s here –

  8. Grr

    Dr. Vanderslice,
    The site is
    The e-mail section is on a link at the bottom. The kid’s book is somewhere in the middle of the page (It’s just called “Kids’ Book”) but I’d recommend you start with “Dragon,” “Japanese Cartoon,” and “English Paper” just to get a feel for it. You don’t hear as much about the site now – they went through a period of at least three months where they didn’t really update, and it sort of hurt them, at least around here – but I’d say from my sophomore year of high school up through sophomore year of college, Homestar Runner was absolutely inescapable.
    (It can get sort of absurd. Fair warning.)
    Sorry. It seems like every time I come around here, I’m all, “Read this! Watch this!” I get excited; what can I say?

  9. My favorite was “Hush, Hush, It’s Sleepytime.”

  10. Cindi Hoppes

    This sure is bringing back memories! I had “The Poky
    Puppy”, Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” and “Bambi!” My husband had “Richard Scarry’s Best Little Word Book Ever!” He also had, “Scuffy, The Red Tugboat!” His mom still has all of their original Golden Books. Thanks for the memories…..Cindi

  11. My favorites were something about an elephant, and the little book of prayers. I may be back to share more! LOL

  12. tim

    I loved the Pokey Little Puppy. I had a battered copy, complete with crayon sketches over the pictures and dog-eared pages because the book was my brother’s before it was mine. I also loved Little Bear, but I’m not sure if it was a Golden Book. I remember liking the book so much because Little Bear and his mother cook, and their list of ingredients was so exact. Kids like precision and verisimilitude.

  13. I loved “Scuffy, the Tugboat” and “The Little Engine that Could”. I think all the Mercer Mayer books like “I Was So Mad” were Golden Books.

  14. Vicki Wurgler

    my favorites were Thumbelina, the gingerbread man and the shy little kitten

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