The Caldecott Nails It!

Part two of the review of the Golden Legacy, Leonard S. Marcus Sets the Record Straight, which will deal more closely with the book itself and all the favorites readers wrote in about, will be coming soon.  But in the meantime, I could not resist commenting on my excitement that the American Library Association has selected illustrated novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret  by Brian Selznick as the winner of this year’s Caledecott award for children’s illustration. Bravo ALA committee for selecting such a brilliant, cutting edge book and busting out of the box to choose not a picture book but an illustrated novel!  You can read more about their selection of the book here.

But don’t miss touring the mysterious world of the book’s website here.

 I listed it on my top five for fiction a few posts ago; even though it’s technically a young adult novel, it captivates young and old alike with a seamless marriage of illustration and text, mystery and history.  It’s also beautifully written and no exaggeration to say that it represents the future of publishing.

Go read it!!


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3 responses to “The Caldecott Nails It!

  1. Cindi Hoppes

    Sometimes, I enjoy children’s books more that adult ones. They can be even more of an escape into a different time and place. The cover is wonderful! Thanks for the idea. Cindi

  2. Nicole

    This looks like a book to keep an eye out for, and because it won the library is sure to get it.

  3. tim

    I’ve heard about this book. I can’t wait to read it. Glad that it won the Caldecott!

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