Valentine’s Greetings


That’s all.  Just Happy Valentine’s Day.  Which I view more as “tell your friends and family you love them day,” rather than the romantic stuff –not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂

Anyway, I’m working up some interesting writing and teaching writing posts from all my various activities in the last week or so.  Coming soon:  1.) a visual history of creative writing in higher education (courtesy of my brilliant students) and 2.) snapshots (literally and figuratively) from the National Writing Project annual review in Berkeley, CA.

Till then, don’t eat too many candy hearts–

Bye, y’all.



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6 responses to “Valentine’s Greetings

  1. Cindi Hoppes

    I hope you have many people that tell you that they love you. I agree with you! I try to tell my family members that I love them every time we part! Hope your Valentine’s Day is a great one…..Cindi

  2. Cindi Hoppes

    “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Enjoy your day…..Cindi

  3. tim

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Steph! I hope you have a love-filled day.

  4. gamertags

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it was fun! Remind me to tell you about mine. It was pretty special. Our attempt to subvert the holiday backfired.

  5. Hi Cindi–Thanks for the greetings–hope you had a good day too!
    Garrett, tell me about your day!

  6. Hi Tim,
    You too–you should be getting another package soon!

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