The Artful Edit–A Conundrum

“While we write into a void, we edit into a universe, however ravaged it may be.”
Susan Bell

I just finished Susan Bell’s The Artful Edit last night. Well, sort of. I’d like to give you a full review of it. But the thing is, after singing the praises of the book last time, I got to page 86 and discovered that there was no page 87, or 88, 89. . .on through page 119! This is a significant chunk of the book–the end of the macro edit section and the first half of the micro-edit section.

So, my first response was, this can’t only have happened to my book (which, I believe I’ve mentioned, is a library book). So I checked online googling, “missing pages Susan Bell, The Artful Edit.”

Nothing. Nada. Maybe it is just me. After all, what my web search did find was a few wonderful reviews of the book, indicating that the reviewers had indeed read the whole thing (unless they were fibbing).

Thing is, I was all set to order a used copy on Barnes and but now I’m wondering. Will the used copy also be missing those crucial 33 pages? To be sure, I think I’ll have to wait until August, when I can get my hands on the paperback. Surely they’ll have corrected the error by then.

My review will have to wait until I get those 33 pages, but I can say based on the rest of it this one is definitely a must for any serious writer’s collection–but wait for the paperback to be safe.


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3 responses to “The Artful Edit–A Conundrum

  1. Cindi

    How very strange! I wonder how many copies of this book are out there that are missing those exact pages. Have a wonderful weekend…..Cindi

  2. I was going to ask to borrow that one, but I’ll wait until we find a full copy. In the meantime, The Creative Class is getting better. I’m beginning to believe I just have a problem with nonfiction in general. If I stick with it, though, there are always important gems.

    This one has all of its pages, by the way.

  3. Yes, the void and the universe, that’s it!

    Cool site.
    And congrats on your husband’s book.

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