Wordamour has returned!


I’m back. . .from computer hell of sorts, a period of over one month during which, in the effort to change my template to something more interesting on wordpress, I screwed it up almost beyond recognition. Think black background with red font or, even worse, two templates superimposed, one on the other. Result: illegible. To quote the gynecologist upon finishing my surgery, “it was a mess in there.” Rather than inflict that on you, gentle readers, I have been lying low until the kinks were worked out. Now, thanks to my blogging queen friend, Monda, and a support guy at wordpress named Nick, I’m back in the game.

Monda, and most of the rest of my readers who voted, would probably say serves you right for not moving to blogger.com. And they would be correct, however, after I gave it a lot of thought . . .

I decided against the move. For a number of random and not-so-random reasons, such as:

1. I still like wordamour as a title and initially chose it to go with wordpress.

2. I have an essay coming out in a collection in a few months (more on that in posts to come) and the bio lists my blog address at wordpress.

3. I had a lot of trouble (what’s new) importing the contents of this blog over to blogger.

4. I’ve been reading a book about blogging that is really big on wordpress.

5. In a moment of weakness, I forked over $15 for some custom features so I might as well stay here.

6. Transitions and change are not my forte.

7. Good ol’ Nick at wordpress support. Wouldn’t want his efforts to go to waste.

So I’ve found a way to make my template a little more personal and I’m going to stick around here for awhile.

Lots to catch you up on. Since I last posted, I have had some great adventures in Nebraska and Kansas City, and I haven’t even had time to post about my New York trip yet. Expect a few posts on my travels that won’t be completely unrelated to writing, either. And more book reviews and thoughts on writing and teaching as I distill my summer experiences with various writing project adventures and gear up toward the new school year. I’m also looking forward to some fun new giveaways!

It’s good to be back!

Bye y’all,


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3 responses to “Wordamour has returned!

  1. The blog looks good…and you made a new friend!

    I don’t blame you on the “blog title” thing. I hate mine – it was supposed to be a temporary “try it out” kind of thing – and now I’m stuck with it.

    Love the books and the pages. I love blogger, but I do have wordpress page envy. Yes I do.

  2. Cindi

    Welcome back! I can’t wait to read about your travels. Cindi

  3. Bri

    Glad you’re back and legible! While I am in the loves with Blogger, I see why you would want to stay. The new look is great!

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