From the chaise: A few cool sites

I made it out to an old timey crafts fair in nearby Greenbrier today but otherwise I have spent the rest of it on my favorite chaise, pumping myself full of honey, vitamin C (6,000 mg and counting) and Ricola 9 (ya gotta click on this just to hear the Swiss guy yodel it)and trying not to get the cold that is coming on and that has been haunting my workplace for weeks.

Just a few new sites I’ve discovered:

Out of Harper Collins, London, in an effort to sideswipe the slush pile, authors can upload their work to be voted on by readers and advanced to a real editor’s desk. Pretty cool stuff.

No doubt Monda has known about this for years but I only just discovered it. Tons of free cool fonts. Give it a try.

The website of the British magazine for women who write. Why doesn’t the US have one of these, I ask you? Those Brits thinking of everything, including:

www.literaturetraining.comThe first stop shop for writers and all those involved in creating or supporting new writing and literature in the UK and a great place for US writers to muck about as well. My favorite part of the site is here look around and click on the guide on the bottom of the right side of the page for a nifty guide you can do to look at where you are and where you want to be. The website is a lot more formal than it looks, the guide is all emoto-feely a’la Julia Cameron and Carol Loyd and is worth a look. I might download it for some of my upper level students.

I recently learned that there is actually a reason why weather is worse on the weekend, something about all those factories and cars puffing pollutants into the air Monday through Friday that mess with the atmosphere and Mother Nature. What I want to know is why I always get sick on the weekends and vacations.

Bye y’all.


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2 responses to “From the chaise: A few cool sites

  1. gamertags

    Hey! Things have been sporadic because we got married and moved to Boston. But I wanted to check in with you.
    (Boy, that’s a hell of a thing to say to somebody, isn’t it?)
    How are you?

  2. Cindi

    We have had allergies and colds here, also! I hope you feel better. Thanks for the interesting sites. Cindi

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