Update-Brief Hiatus

There was a shooting at my university.  My friend Monda wrote about it far better than I possibly could, so I’m going to refer you to her on that one.  But the end result has been that I am only just coming out of a torpor that meant only stuff that absolutely needed to get done (kids, fed, bathed, read to, check) got done.

Unfortunately, I committed weeks ago to holding a yard sale that I was pretty excited about at the time–so I’ve been working on that too.  It’s over this weekend, so hopefully I’ll be back soon.


Bye y’all,



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One response to “Update-Brief Hiatus

  1. Cindi

    I really wish I could be at your yard sale! I’m sure you have wonderful goodies. I am off to read about the shooting. My son is at college and it does cross my mind a lot. Take care, Cindi

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