And now for a few great links

First, the newest edition of Amy Power’s online magazine, Inspired Ideas is up. Check it out here.
I know Amy uses it to promote her website and her art, but I still can’t believe I’m so fortunate to read this (and her blog) for free! It’s just about my favorite eye candy out there and that’s saying a lot. Merci, Amy!!!

Second, Erika Dreifus’ has a GREAT article about ways we “poor as church mice” writers can get into the philanthropic swing. I love the write a thon idea, especially. I’m thinking the Writing Project could try it, but there are so many possibilities, really. Check it out here.

The yard sale is over and was a relative success, that is, I got rid of a lot of stuff, met some nice people, spend nice time with a neighbor and cleared enough money to get something of a start on Christmas. I also donated 11 bags of clothes and stuff to Goodwill and 4 bags of books to the library. My new goal is to simplify, simplify. After I finish a bunch of collage crafts I’m working on for an upcoming church crafts sale, I’m going to limit my work in this area to decoupageable objects that will fit on two shelves in my studio/craft area–right now I can’t even see my desk or the floor for all the stuff I’m working on. I’m also hoping to sell off the rest of my ebay stuff by December (I’ll let y’all know when it’s posted). I really want to pull back and focus on my family, writing, and teaching–I’ve had enough weekends that were crazy busy with unnecessary busyness I inflict on myself. I want them back. My new mantra, borrowed from the incomparable and wise Vance Strange, my friend Monda’s father, is, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

Now that’s what I call a motto. I need to tattoo it inside my wrist.

Bye y’all.
PS I’m heading off to San Antonio for the National Writing Project annual conference in a little more than two weeks and you know what that means. Book Fair!! Giveaways coming up in December!


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2 responses to “And now for a few great links

  1. Cindi

    I would love to see your collages. I might even buy one if you would let me! Thanks, Cindi

  2. Hi, Stephanie: Thanks so much for the shout-out re: my article. I was actually thinking of you when I heard about the events on your campus (as you mentioned in a previous post). Glad to know that you and yours are safe and well. I’ll be back to visit your blog–thanks again for the mention.

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