BOTD: The Joey Pigza Series

I love Joey Pigza.

My friend Sandra introduced me to Joey Pigza this past summer.  The hero of the eponymous middle-grade series, Joey Pigza is a hilarious, heartstring strumming character with a mean case of ADD that only a patch can alleviate and a set of parents who are even more challenging.  Add to that a chain-smoking grandma with emphysema and an oxygen tank and you can see why Joey’s hands are full just with daily life.

Which is why he is such an endearing character in Joey Swallowed the Key, Joey Pigza Loses Control, What Would Joey Do and I Am Not Joey Pigza .  I’d say buy one (or all) of these books for a tweener in your life, but quite honestly, I read them for my own enjoyment this fall.  There is something in Joey that we can’t help but root for, a kid just trying to rise above his own very trying circumstances to make a life for himself.  A smart, funny, sweet kid. 

Jack Gantos created Joey and has written about  his own life in A Hole in My Life. Haven’t read that but it’s on my list.

Check out Joey Pigza, ya’ll

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  1. Cindi

    This series of books sound wonderful. Thanks for the introduction to them! Cindi

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