BOTD, and Giveaway Winners


Unaccustomed Earth, a collection of stories and a novella  (the latter worth the weight of the whole stellar collection) by Jhumpa Lahiri, made several top ten lists this year, including the New York Times (read what they said here).  The laurels are piling up with good reason.  A longtime fan of short stories, my interest in them had waned over the past few years.  While the ones I read weren’t bad, per se, many of them seeemed, well, a bit precious.  And then along came Unaccustomed Earth.  And my faith in the form was reborn.

We have some winners for the Book Giveaway to announce  If I don’t have your address (Cindi, don’t worry, I have yours) please email it to me at post haste.  Drawn by my youngest son who has been needing something to do since we’ve been housebound by an ice storm all day, they are:

Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture Deb

Scholastic Books Children’s Illustrator Calendar Deb

Scholastic Books Children’s Illustrator Calendar Oztegake–are you out there Oztegake?

PermaBound Children’s Books Calendar Monda Fason

Get Crafty Poster Cindy Hoppes

Congratulations to all the winners and

Bye ya’ll



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3 responses to “BOTD, and Giveaway Winners

  1. I love winning! I also love the snow effect on your blog and need to know how you did that. Gorgeous!

  2. Cindi

    I was just admiring your “snow”, also! Very nice touch…..Thanks for all of the goodies. Cindi

  3. Debby

    How did you do the snow effect?? I love it too!

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