Wordamour Goes to Oxford MS!

And has committed the cardinal sin of blogging, going for a few weeks without posting.  To make up for it, here is a virtual tour of Faulkner’s stomping grounds, Oxford MS.  A great place to visit!

The courthouse on the Square.

The infamous Square Books, one of the leading independent bookstores in the US, with a mouthwatering selection divided up over 3 locations on the square.

Faulkner’s House, Rowan Oak

Faulkner's Glasses

Faulkner's Typewriter and Worktable

Faulkner’s Desk/Worktable.

My husband, John, on the staircase to the second floor.

Foofy-delicious hot cocoa from Bottle Tree Bakery.

Delicious hot cocoa from Bottletree Bakery.


Feeble excuse for lack of posts: I was having trouble with Photobucket (you’ll notice all the pictures were postage-stamp size–not good) and kept putting off contacting PB about it. So I finally just switched to Flickr, which I like MUCH better anyway.

More posts to come, including the Books of 2008.


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2 responses to “Wordamour Goes to Oxford MS!

  1. Cindi

    What a fun place. Faulkner’s home looks fantastic. I enjoy older homes! The book store looks delicious and so does the hot cocoa. I have never been to Mississippi. My husband was born in Biloxi because his dad was stationed at an Air Force Base there. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Cindi

  2. I’d like to thank you for the typewriter shot. You know I’m always fascinated with writer-tools.

    Oxford is one of the few places I’d actually consider living in. But only between November and February, because it can get a bit steamy down there during those other months. You visited at the perfect time of year.

    Didn’t you just want to move right into Rowan Oaks?

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