Knowing Pains Hitting the Today Show!

Great News! Remember the book, Knowing Pains, I told you about last fall, that published my essay, “The Imaginary Nursery,” among many others. Well we just found out it’s going to be featured in a segment on the TODAY SHOW on January 23 in the 9:00 hour.

This is so exciting. The book has been selling reasonably well but this is going to take it to a whole new level, a national level. And all of the proceeds from the book are going straight to breast cancer research. This is a true labor of love for all the contributors and especially Molly Rosen, who invested her own money in this project and who was been working tirelessly to publicize it. Way to go, Molly!!

So tune in between 9 and 10 a week from today and hear more about Knowing Pains. Woot!!!

In other news, my posting has been seriously handicapped by the fact that both my work computer and my home computer are in computer hospital ICU’s being brought back to life from serious viruses. In fact, I’m writing this on my husband’s mac, which is much harder to post links and images on. Moral of the story: do not let your children near your computers, no way no how, no matter how much begging goes on. Especially when the reason their computer is down is because it’s also recovering from a virus. Obviously, some lessons in “safe” computing are in order.

As soon as I get my laptops back, I have lots of posts I want to put up. Till then,

Bye y’all,


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3 responses to “Knowing Pains Hitting the Today Show!

  1. Cindi

    I hopefully will be watching for Knowing Pains on the Today Show. I wish all of you the best. Take care, Cindi

  2. Reduced to typing on a Mac. That’s horrifying.

    I’ve got to figure out how to record the Today Show segment – how exciting for you and all the writers who contributed! I can’t wait to read your piece.

    Congrats, famous person!

  3. Bri

    Congratulations on the books getting shown off like that! I have to work in the mornings, but still, congratulations! Macs, I find always confuse me and make everything harder. But that’s just me. Also, did you watch the inauguration or did you have a class?

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