Washington Day Two

Well, I’d forgotten how common sirens were around here. 

So today we heard some great lobbying stories from other sites that have given me some good ideas for next year, and then broke out into sessions on future NWP initiatives and the transformative effects of the NWP experience.  Both were good sessions, the latter was especially interesting. 

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon–a nice switch from the past two  rainy cloudy days, so I walked down to the national mall and hung out at the National Museum of American History for several hours.  They had just renovated the entire museum to give it a more “thematic” effect, with specific, permanent exhibits (i.e. The American Presidency etc.) which was fine, but I kind of missed the  “attic of America” feel of the old museum.  I guess that makes me sound a little crotchety but there it is.  They used to have Fred Roger’s iconic sweater on display, but I guess that didn’t fit any of the themes, so that’s gone.  Julia Child’s kitchen is still there, in it’s entirety, though, so that was a plus.

I was fortunate to meet my Co-Chair Paul Epstein and a bright young teacher from West Virginia for dinner at the hotel cafe, which suited me fine because I felt as if I was on my feet all afternoon.

And so to blog and to bed.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit this year and have gown accustomed to the “signature” beds that are the pride of each hotel which are really quite comfortable–but the bed at this hotel, the Washington Court, really is a like sleeping on a high thread count cloud. 

Good night and . . .

Bye y’all.



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  1. Cindi

    Sounds wonderful! It has been a few years since I have visited Washington. My niece; who loved Mr. Rogers as a child, will be disappointed to hear about the absence of his sweater. She used to cry every time his show ended. LOL ….. Cindi

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