Blog to Watch and WIOTD Returns!

Announcing the debut of Zombiesandcream, the new blog of my friend, colleague and local zombie guru, Robin Becker.  No, not the poet Robin Becker, the novelist and nonfiction writer, Robin Becker, whose literary zombie novel is about to take the publishing world by storm. You’ll find it on my blogroll. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Wardrobe issues have been relatively subdued recently, until this morning’s conversation:

Will: I can’t wear that shirt. It’s a Yugioh shirt. I only wear Yugioh shirts on Saturdays.

Dad: But you don’t go to Yugioh tournaments on Saturdays any more. So you can wear the shirt during the week.

Will: Nope. (shakes head) Doesn’t matter. I only wear Yugioh shirts on Saturdays.

Dad, choosing his battles: Fine. Go pick out your own shirt.

Ah, the very arbitrary nature of our obsessions.

Could this be the offspring of a woman who has a “Sunday-only” coffee mug and always reads the Sunday ads starting with Walgreens and ending with Target? You decide—


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3 responses to “Blog to Watch and WIOTD Returns!

  1. Cindi

    How funny! Yes, he does sound like he is definitely your son……Have a happy mother’s day.

  2. I’ve got a “Sunday only” coffee cup. Doesn’t everyone?

    Robin’s blogging! I’ve added her to my blog as well.

  3. robin

    Aw, thanks Steph!

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