Discovering Mira’s List

Thanks to Erika Dreifus’ wonderful blog, The Practicing Writer (see my blogroll–Dreifus’ blog is one of the best resources for writers out there) I’ve recently discovered Mira’s List, another fantastic resource for writers and artists of all kinds. Another must read folks, and while you’re there, you might even want to donate a little support. Dreifus and Mira’s List are providing absolutely essential services for us all and these kinds of services are very time consuming, as in time away from writing, consuming.

I’ve been reading the Program Era, the history of creative writing programs, the past week. What a book. I’ll post a review when I finish it.

In other news,, has recently posted the results of a taste test that confirms what I knew all along. Dunkin Donuts makes the best coffee out there. Whenever I tell the uninitiated that I must make daily DD stops whenever I’m near one (closest to me is Jackson TN, which is fortunately on the way to Nashville and points east) they usually mumble something like, “yeah, I like donuts too.”

Folks, how many times do I have to say it. It’s not about the donuts. I don’t even particularly like donuts and besides there’s nothing special, imho, about Dunkin Donuts donuts. It’s about that delicious, delicious brew. Read about the taste test here.

Bye y’all,


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3 responses to “Discovering Mira’s List

  1. I’m addicted to that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, which is why I buy the bagged beans off the shelf and make it every single day of my life. Oh, yes.

    Checking out the new sites now…

  2. Count me in the Dunkin’ Donuts fan club, too. And thank you so very much for the generous words.

  3. robin

    AND their donuts are delish, as are the sausage/egg sammies!

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