A Damn Near Perfect Few Days, Part 1

Man, it’s been a really looong summer.  But the last few days have pretty much made up for it.

1.  I write about my friend Monda, writer, blogger, sometime knitter, on this blog all the time.  That’s because she’s special.  Anyhow, Thursday, the rest of the world discovered just how special she was when Blogger.com named her the Blog of Note for Thursday August 13.  Folks,  in the blogosphere, this is like being chosen for Oprah’s book club.  It is that big of a deal.  Her address, There’s Just No Telling,  is directly to the right,  on my blogroll.  Check it out. Not because she needs any hits; currently, she’s gotten several thousand in the last few days.  But because you need to know about the coolest blog out there. And I knew her when.  Just sayin.

2. Yesterday, my younger son, the only family member who occasionally deigns to go junking with me, and I shared a morning exploring bargainsgaloreon64, a ten year old local tradition with flea markets and yard sales as far as the eye can see, from Central Arkansas (Beebe) to Fort Smith, in the Northwest Corner of the state.  We covered from Conway to Atkins and it was some great mother and son bonding time;  i.e. we had a deep philosophical conversation about past, present and future selves.  He’s thought about it and has reasoned there can only be a past and future self–the present self is just out of luck (because he wouldn’t like me to swear, that’s how I’m phrasing it, though I’d like to be more colorful).  It would take too long to explain but I have to admit it makes perfect sense. Needless to say, he’s always been my philsopher.   Then, he scored a millenium falcon (retails for around $80 new) for $5.   Nuf said.  I believe he’ll be motivated to join me on one of these jaunts again.

3.  I had lunch with a good friend I hadn’t really seen in 2 months.  We went to the tail end of Bargains Galore in nearby Vilonia.  Not as good but I scored some almost brand-new back to school clothes for the kids (boys are so easy to dress for back to school).  Then my friend saw some retro Christmas holly glasses.  “Those are nice, but I already have them,” she said, ” what I really want is the mugs to go with them.” 

Next to the glasses was a box.  I lifted the top.  “You mean these?”

4.  Last evening, I had training for teaching at a local Arts Academy that was just a glimmer in the eye of a former student of mine last summer.  And now it’s real.  And beautiful.  Nuf said 2.

Coming up, “A Damn Near Perfect Few Days, Part 2.”   Keep your eye out; you’ll want to read it.  Part 1 won’t make any sense unless you do.


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2 responses to “A Damn Near Perfect Few Days, Part 1

  1. Yes, you have a great life. Shopping with a great friend, another who’s a blogger celebrity; does it get any better? Course, I’m not going to mention the blurry signs here. That’d be rude.


  2. He went junking with you! Bargains Galore on 64 is not for the faint of heart, either. No wonder it’s damn near perfect. And thanks for the kudos, Steph. I really think the moon is in the seventh house and all that.

    I suspect the typewriter you found on the Memphis trip is the switch that turned all this good luck on.

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