Three-Legged NaNoWriMo-A New Game!

While I was writing today, the right front leg from the chair I sit at (the white one in all the pictures from the previous post) suddenly just. . .fell off. I didn’t fall to the floor or anything but it did feel kind of odd.

But then I discovered that my own right front leg actually serves as a very good replacement. That is, I still feel pretty comfortable–not about to tip over or anything. Which just goes to show you that certain chair legs are better to lose than others–the back left one, for example. Don’t think that loss would work out so well.

So the next few days will be spent determining if I actually need to replace this chair before I start NaNoWriMo on Sunday. Speaking of which, you can now sponsor me in my novel writing endeavors. I’m aiming to raise $100 towards the organization and its efforts to support young writers.

If I finish, and someone say, sponsored me at say, a penny a word, that would only be 5.00. C’mon, consider it–what’s a fiver or a tenner when it comes to getting young kids writing?

You can sponsor me here.

Bye y’all,

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