A Good Email Day**

Two great messages in the email Friday.  My response to Rosalie Morales Kearns has been accepted to appear in the Interchanges section of CCC, College Composition and Communication.  Morales Kearns published an article about teaching creative writing there last summer with several good points that also, unfortunately,  ignored the scholarship of oh, the last 15 years in creative writing pedagogy.  I’d say more but you’d be better off waiting till the response comes out.

I’m glad CCC’s was gracious enough to accept it, as opposed to other publications–not naming names, AWP, that “don’t accept responses to their articles.”  C’s Editor Kathleen Blake Yancey is wonderful to work with, by the way.

Also, an essay I wrote a few years ago, “The Girl in the Ivory Blouse,” has also finally found a home in anthology about women’s relationships forthcoming from Emerging Edge Publishing.   In it’s way, it’s a tribute to my late, great aunt so I’m glad it’s going to be published. It’s been ignored by a couple of magazines, Victoria among them, that don’t seem to think it’s necessary to put an SASE to good use.

Waiting to hear on two other essays that are out there floating around.  I hear on Monday whether my book proposal, Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education: Programs and Practices that Work, has made it to the next acceptance stage at a new publisher of a Creative Writing series in the UK, Professional And Higher.  After I made it through the last stage, the editor shared that I was the only writer who had made it to that point so far.  

A good email day, I’d say. I’ll keep you posted.

Bye y’all,


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