The Detective’s Club Demise, and another WIOTD (Wardrobe Incident of the Day)

Yellow Kid First Comics Pictures, Images and Photos

“I can’t wear that shirt.”

It was a bright, very bright yellow shirt with black Greek letters on it from UCA, leftover from a Greek service organization (anyone who works with me will know what I’m talking about).  I thought the Greek letters made it kind of cool in a frat-ish sort of way. 

“Why? What’s wrong with it.”

“It’s too yellow.  I’m just not in a yellowy mood today.”

Okay, then, strike bright yellow off the list.  You just never know.

The nine year old has had a rough week.  On Tuesday, all of his friends quit his detective club, en masse.

“Really,” I said as we walked to the car.  “Did they want to start another club or something?”

“Yes,” he blurted through hot tears. 

“What’s it’s name?”

“The Ex-Detectives club!!!”

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