Inappropriate Little Golden Books

Pixar big guy Josh Cooley is coming out with a book called Movies R Fun with illustrations and captions from “Inappropriate Little Golden Books” based on movies like Silence of the Lambs and The Godfather!

I can’t wait. I may love my vintage LGB’s but I also have a sense of humor.

In other writing/reading news, the writing project finishes up this week and I have about a week free to catch up before heading off to a National Writing Project Resource Development retreat in Austin, TX.

I’m awaiting news from the editor on Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Ed; they didn’t think they would get to look at it till the end of June. I’m kind of in suspended animation right now; I know I’m going to have to do a lot of work on it when they send it back, just because they’re really smart editors over there and they always see lots of things I need to do that I missed. Of course, that’s why they’re called editors.

Teaching Creative Writing: A Resource Guide and Sourcebook has been pushed back to August but any of you who teach courses in teaching creative writing could probably still order it in time for a fall course. Contact Fountainhead Press.

Older son is back from Duke TIP in North Carolina where he studied cryptography/code breaking and number theory, created his own enigmatic codes and generally had an awesome time bonding with his fellow geeks. The main thing this means for me is that he is now fluent in yet another “language” beyond my comprehension. And yet, bless his heart, he wants desperately to share it with me, at his usual breakneck talking speed. As my mother recommends, “Just nod and smile and let it wash over you.”

I’m just glad he’s home.

More later. Bye ya’ll,

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