:( Template

Ok, folks, I’m sad about the template. The one I had before this one, Press Row, was so much better! WordPress sort of forced this one on me because Press Row was discontinued. Never fear, I have some photos I’ve been wanting to use in the banner; now may be the time.

For anybody worrying about the Coburn Amendment to ban earmarks, from what I can tell, according to my CSPAN livestream, they’ve finished debate in the Senate tonight and seem to be postponing the vote until tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve got at least two posts in the hopper, just waiting for me to upload some photos to jazz them up a bit.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey day. You know you’ve fully transitioned to adulthood when instead of wishing it could be Christmas all year, like my kids do, you wish it could be Thanksgiving all year. The food, especially the fellowship with friends and family. It all passes so quickly; I get a little grumpy when it’s all over.

Still and all, I got to see the new Harry Potter movie, finished two books! and how ’bout them Hogs?

Bye for now, y’all,

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