The winner and a story. . .


So the winner of the giveway, for writing to Congress to save NWP is. . .

Shauna Sanders!!!!

Congratulations, Shauna.

You’ll be receiving your signed copy of The Architect of Flowers in a few weeks.

I’m in DC this weekend lobbying along with hundreds of fellow teacher-leaders to try to secure the NWP’s footing on the national landscape.   Footing that has slipped as a result of the current Congress’ warpath on education.

Our visits to the hill yesterday were basically productive; we had some wonderful discussions with Senator John Boozman (such a gracious man), Mia Petrini, Senator Mark Pryor’s education aide, and Reps. Tim Griffin and Rick Crawford about how they could support the National Writing Project and the National Writing Projects of Arkansas.

But I do want to share a story.  There has been a lot of posturing on the hill about how these budget cuts are essential to “save this country” from financial ruin.  The powers that be patiently explained to us that the  belt tightening that cinches literacy programs and cuts deeply and disproportionately into education are necessary evils.

Yesterday, however, we talked to a cab driver who said he had enjoyed working the hill for years because our lawmakers took a lot of cabs and always asked him his opinions on current issues under debate.  Things had changed since January though, he told us.  He hadn’t gotten to know many of the members of this new Congress.

Why is that? we wanted to know.

“Don’t see em,” he told us.  “They all take limos.”

I guess some belts are tighter than others.

Bye y’all.



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One response to “The winner and a story. . .

  1. Shauna

    Your blurb on the cabbie is very telling. In fact, that anecdote deserves retelling to someone or submitting to somewhere widely heard/read/seen…. I’m not sure I’m saying it well, but it just epitomizes this situation precisely & succinctly. How do we get that little story with the big “Mmmmhmmmm” factor on some prominent radar? Thank you for representing us — and thanks for the coming-soon book! 🙂

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