Cover reveal!


At last, I can reveal the cover of Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Education: Programs and Practices that Work.

Yes, I’m biased but I think it’s absolutely lovely:

My UK publishers at Professional and Higher, Anthony and Karen Haynes report that they have appointments with American publishers at the London Book Fair next week so keep your fingers crossed.  If you recall, a giant cloud of ash intercepted the appearance of American publishers at the London Book Fair last year.

The London Book Fair.  Doesn’t that sound great?  I want to go someday just for fun.  Guess I’ll have to add it to the bucket listt.

In other news, it’s been a strange week in Wordamour-land.  She returned from DC only to somehow contract a mysterious viral inner ear infection whose major symptom is wicked vertigo.   While she is improving she will be relieved when the world stops spinning. . .completely and in the meantime spends long periods of time trying not to make any sudden moves.

Blogging for NWP continues (see previous post) and spring has sprung in Arkansas.  This means, among other things, the annual Arkansas Literary Festival this weekend.  Wordamour is really jonesing to go, especially to support UCA peeps Robin Becker, Mark Spitzer, et al, but suspects the viral thing will also have its say on that matter.  We will just have to see.

Bye y’all,




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2 responses to “Cover reveal!

  1. Robin Becker

    great cover! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry about the illness and hope you are feeling better soon. Awesome cover!

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