And now for something completely different

or maybe not–it concerns colleges and universities after all, which is where Wordamour teaches.  This Mama Ph.D. blog post at Inside Higher Ed reminded me of what has stayed in the back of my mind for years, of what makes me relieved, yes I’ll say it out loud, that I don’t have daughters.

I have been the victim of this culture, the culture of rape at colleges and universities and the culture of rape writ large.  My experiences are very similar to those expressed by Mama Ph.D.–only different because, of course, they are mine.  I won’t recount them here because they are so like the stories many of my gender peers could tell, they’re almost a cliche.

So I will simply bring your attention to this tip sheet.  If you are a woman, you will find it a very different tip sheet on personal safety than you are used to receiving in your email.

Let me ask, men who read this blog (and those I know do not support this culture), do you routinely receive recirculated well-meaning emails (I’ve sent a few myself) with tips about how to protect yourself in society?

We do.

Things are looking up for Wordamour, the vertigo is receding, the next post will be a happy one, but she could not pass up the opportunity to repost this tip sheet in the hopes of writing for change.

Read it. Please, recirculate it, for your daughters, your wives, your mothers, your friends, your lovers.  Use your words for change.

Bye y’all,


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