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Drumroll please. Today’s post is on the Huffington Post!!

It was really hard not to put that last bit in all caps because Wordamour really wanted to SHOUT IT!!

But yes, I have, with several of my esteemed colleagues, published a defense of creative writing programs in the Huffington Post.  It’s been in the works since Anis Shivani’s piece appeared the weeks ago (our piece links to it).  So please read, comment and share on your social network of choice!  We want to spread the word.

You’ll find it here.

Bye y’all!



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New Post–Over at The MFA Blog

So I know it’s been quiet here lately, lots of reasons for that, some personal, nothing serious, but I’ll be back in the saddle soon. In the meantime, I’ve joined on as a blogger on Tom Kealey’s MFA Blog.
You’ll find my first post here.

Talk to you soon. Bye y’all,

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