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The new atelier

Besides spending a lot of time in her pajamas being lazy (btw. if you get the whole family on board with this; it really cuts down on laundry), Wordamour completely overhauled her atelier a.k.a. workspace over the holidays. It was much more work than she expected, about five days worth, so of course, it required a post.

Wordamour’s old atelier (see October 2009) was kind of crowded and dark. This was mostly because she had a guest bed in there, a bed which seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t live up to expectations. ¬†As Wordamour’s younger son pointed out, “no one ever sleeps there” so over the years it just started to attract various teetering piles of stuff.

So, out went the bed (in the event of the rare guest, the boy’s lair has a guest bed anyway) and the teetering piles. In came air and light and space. Ahh. Voila!

A tour:

The aerial view. Lucky, the blurry cat in the corner of the photo will reappear later. The television, purchased for $15 at Goodwill, only plays DVD’s and came in handy during the hours of work it took to transform the space.

Look at that writing desk, so clean and spare. But where did the countless cups of pens, markers and pencils that Wordamour collects go?

Never fear, they’re right here:

Along with the other office supplies that Wordamour covets and that her wonderful friends give her:

On the right, the books and notes required for current writing projects.

My new favorite place. It got worse before it got better and like I said, it took much longer than I thought it would but it was worth it. So worth it.

Finally, Wordamour read recently that it’s a good idea to make one’s workspace hospitable to one’s pets.

I think mine have expressed their approval, although Lucky is going to have to move over:

Bye y’all,

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