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Live From Austin II: What We Did

Worked. Ate. Worked. Ate again. Worked some more. Most people worked on their resources; I got to coach a few of them.

Lots of teams here working on phenomenal resources to enrich the lives of rural sites and rural teachers. I love this network and I love this work. Here’s some reasons why.

Bye y’all,

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Live from Austin I

Part I, in which Wordamour drives to the Crossings in Austin for a National Writing Project Rural Sites Network Resource Development retreat. The idea? Writing project teacher-consultants doing interesting site work at rural sites across the nation come together to begin transforming this work into a resource available for other sites to adapt and use.

Some photos from the Crossings, a lovely zen-like environ outside the city:

The walkway to the dining hall:

The best scones I have ever eaten in my life:


The infinity pool. That’s Austin in the distance.

The hot tub. Haven’t tried the pool or the hot tub since I got here; hoping this might be in my future tonight.

The kitchen garden, where all our delicious healthy meals begin. The chef was out there harvesting this morning but I didn’t have my camera.

Next Up: Live from Austin II: What We Did

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