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Gotta love those Aussies

They’re way ahead of the game when it comes to helping writers find their way in the digital world. To wit this amazing resource, The Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living. Check it out! I’m trying to figure out a way to get my creative life students reading it, as we only have about a month left in the semester. It’s a little late to throw in another whole book. But I don’t want them to miss this, so, somehow. . .

You should see the resources the UK has for it’s writer’s. Nothing about digital writing, but tons of stuff designed to help author’s develop and succeed. I’ve even blogged about it here (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Why doesn’t the US ever do stuff like this? A question I’ve pondered for years. The UK and AU are far more centralized governments (dare I mention the S word as well?), and I believe that has something to do with it. And far more supportive of the arts in general. But that’s another entry for another time. . .

In other news, it’s spring break here, which means I’m playing catch up to an enormous pile of stuff I’d gotten behind on, (mostly due to all this gallavanting around). Writing project stuff. School stuff. Writing stuff (heavy in revision mode this week; sent out 3 personal essays yesterday, more revision on tap). I’m about half way through my to do list, fitting it in around some delicious family time which has so far included watching Space Chimps (cringe), hosting play dates, re-watching old episodes of The Big Bang Theory, which is quickly becoming a family favorite. Ahead: bowling, visiting the new ice cream shop, the Native American fest. on Saturday and the Art Institute’s Toy’s Designed by Artists exhibit, which is always good for some zany stuff. Also, hopefully, a visit to the new Sephora with some gal pals.

Next week, Writing Project DC Spring Meeting for Program Leaders where I may also be doing some NWP lobbying for the first time ever. That is, if the schedulers at Senators Pryor and Lincoln and Rep. Snyder ever return my faxes, emails, or voice messages. Each obviously fresh out of college staff scheduler has his or her own “preferred method” of scheduling.

Just trying to keep up. Bye y’all,


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