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Winners announced, Tornadoes devastate

We had four sets of prizes from the AWP Bookfair to giveaway.   And the winners are:

 Tim Sisk

Monda Fason

Cindi Hoppes

Cindi Hoppes

Congratulations to the winners!  I’ll try to come up with another giveaway whenever I can. 

Cindi, please email me with your address.  I have everyone else covered.

You may have heard that my home state, as well as Tennessee (see Tim’s Bookspaz blog for more info) and Kentucky were devastated by tornadoes last night.  Our town of Conway was lucky but one of the worst tornadoes hit about twenty miles of north of us, in Atkins, as well as Clinton.

If you would like to contribute to relief efforts, click here.

In other news, WIOTD Resurfaces!
I just received a call from my youngest’s teacher. Apparently, the zipper has been stuck on his coat all day and they cannot get him out of his coat. They have tried everything but they can’t get it over his head (he’s always had a big head). Since he was beginning to really sweat, they were asking permission to cut the coat, just enough to get his head out.

Sigh. We’re going to hear about this when we get home I’m sure. But it was certainly good for a chuckle!

I’m going out of town tomorrow (again!) and may not be as able to blog for a few days.  I’m reading annual reports for the National Writing Project and I have a feeling they may not want me to blog about the process.  I’ll be taking notes of ideas for our own site, though. Can’t wait.

I’m home again Monday for a long time and thrilled!

Here’s to seasonable weather!

Bye y’all,


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