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My Awesome Students Part 1: Writing Life Books (Updated, Video works)

Every semester my Intro Creative Writing students choose a book about the writing life from a (long) list I give them, read the book and do a poster presentation on it.  This year I decided to mix it up a little and encouraged them to do a multi-media presentation, which meant it could be a poster, but it could also be. . .anything else they could think of.  They were enormously creative.  Below are some of the wonderful examples.  Next post?  Their enormously creative chapbooks–be prepared to be impressed!

Bye y’all,


This student chose a photo frame box to demonstrate A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway.  There are quotes from the book inside.


This is a poster on Stephen King’s On Writing.


These are cupcakes with words from SK’s On Writing piped on them.  Yes, it says what it says.  This was one of the milder cupcakes (check out the one in the bottom right corner).  Remember, we’re talking about Stephen King, here.


This was a powerpoint on Heather’s Seller’s book, Chapter After Chapter.Photobucket

And finally, a musical/play about Ted Kooser’s Writing Brave and Free.  It’s really worth listening to; they used quotes from the book in their script.

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