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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. . .

To bring you the update on Bargainsgaloreon64, one of the highlights of Wordamour’s junking year.  So if you’re expecting to read about writing, you might want to skip this post (though who knows, the photos might inspire you to do a little scribbling).  Because what follows is a report on the garage sales and flea markets that line the Arkansas roadsides and town squares on highway 64 every mid-August, from Beebe to Fort Smith, which is approximately 200 miles.  

Alas there were no caskets this year–must’ve gotten sold.

Read on for a taste of the Arkansas roadside, with an especially charming photo at the end.  How’s that for a hook?

So it was hot this year.  It’s always hot. But not usually 105 degrees hot. Nonetheless, Wordamour and her younger son, whom we might as well dub Wordamour Jr. since everyone is always commenting on their physical and personal likenesses, were determined to brave the elements, armed with a cooler full of bottled water and the occasional shaved ice and Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper.

Wordamour Jr. usually starts out rather non-plussed about these jaunts. After all, it’s deathly hot and he’d just as soon be at home playing Super Mario Bros. with his brother (aka Wordamour’s Husband Jr.) in an air-conditioned house.  But once the loot starts rolling in, he gets into the swing of things. A sampling of his haul:  3 Naruto Manga Magazines with 3 rare Yugioh cards inside, a 22 kt gold Pokemon card, and two Calvin and Hobbes books.

The highlights, as usual, were the retired schoolteachers who do a Country Living style set up at Coal Hill (Wordamour will be eternally grateful to friend and junker extraordinaire, Steve Lance, for the tip).

Take a look:

And the flea market on the river in Ozark:
PhotobucketPhotobucket“A Krystle Carrington doll New In Box. Who knew? Snap this one up, folks.

Good to know, in case we have a future-farmer emergency.

Or a future writer emergency.
PhotobucketThe obligatory “fan” shot.”

My haul was pretty terrific, including a vintage white, tin-topped kitchen island for $50 that looks like it was custom made for the kitchen in my hundred year old house.

But the highlight of the day occured when I snapped the shot below.

Look closely to see how this resourceful kitty beat the heat.Photobucket

Happy Hunting.  Bye y’all,

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Another Shelter Mag Bites the Dust

After bidding farewell to Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion, I just received a postcard telling me I can kiss my Cottage Living goodbye too. You can read about the shuttering of this relatively successful shelter mag and the struggles of the rest of them here.

According to the postcard, the rest of my subscription is going to be replaced with Southern Accents. Sigh. I’m not terribly fond of Southern Accents, which is kind of like Southern Living (which I do like) on steriods. Think Coastal Living or Traditional Home, magazines I ditched a long time ago because the homes they featured were just too fancy for real people. Too much pink satin and lime green taffeta and not a flea marketing or junking feature to be found. No, I’m a Country Home, Country Living, Southern Living kind of gal–magazines that are also struggling for ad revenue (yes, the recent issues have been a little thin). Hang on guys, you can make it through this recession. I know you can!


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