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Lance Olson, Where Have You Been All My (Professional) Life

What follows is a quick and dirty post, meaning no pictures and only one link, because I’m on my husband’s older mac and it’s really hard to have more than one window up. That’s my excuse, anyway. So if you encounter anything unfamiliar in this piece, you’ll have to google it yourself.

Work continues, albeit slowly, one of the key projects of the summer, the “revising creative writing in higher ed” book and in the process of reading some important research I had somehow missed before, I stumbled on Lance Olson’s piece of fictocriticism on Electronic Book Review,
Learning to Wish for More. Click on the title if you’re curious; I highly recommend it. It’s a great blueprint for anyone constructing or re-constructing a creative writing program, graduate or undergraduate (hint, hint to any colleagues reading this). Written several years ago, it says many of the same things I’ve been saying, albeit what I’m writing considers the subject on a both broader and deeper scale (it is, after all, supposed to be a book).

Electronic Book Review was also an exciting, embarassingly belated discovery, btw.

This weekend, I planted flowers, shopped, read, baked bread and discovered the screaming unadulterated joy a $12 garage sale skateboard can bring to a seven-year-old who has been pining for one (also: helmet, elbow pads and kneepads = priceless). Tomorrow, I am probably getting the first of a series of shots that will put me in chemically induced menopause for 4-6 months. Fortunately, the next day, I am going on a two day shopping trip to Branson with my girlfriends and hopefully, this will be just the kind of distraction that will smooth over any hormonal rough edges (though actually, I probably won’t feel the full effects for a week anyway).

Bye for now y’all,

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