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NaNoWriMo–Getting Ready to Roll

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Yep, I’m doing NaNoWriMo this November.  At first I was just going to tell y’all that this blog was probably going to get quiet next month (not like it hasn’t happened before) but I’m going to try and lay in some posts in the draft box before Nov. 1 so I can pop a few up here and there as I go.  


This week has been all about getting ready.  Getting my work space ready, clearing a spot on my cluttered home desk (I may be the only person I know with five full pencil cups–anyone else want to fess up?) for the babyDell and the coffee.   


Honestly, the biggest bribe for this whole thing (besides the prospect of actually getting a draft done) may be that I will allow myself all the coffee I want.  Love the stuff; limit myself to two hearty mugs a day.  Usually.  Not this November.  I suspect it may be the sole thing getting me out of bed at 5:00 am. At first anyway. 


Lining up all the books I’ve been using to research my subject.  From what I understand, I’ll be writing so fast, I might not be able to do much more than glance at them, maybe touch them if I’m lucky.  But it’s good to know they’ll be there, waiting for me to delve into after it’s all over, when I’m revising.

What’s in this black box?  Yes, well, wouldn’t you like to know?  It’s related to the novel, but its contents are secret right now.  Another reassuring presence.  Besides, secrets can be very motivating.


According to NaNoWriMo’s founder, Craig Baty, one should not have a bed visible in one’s writing space–nor a cat (see upper corner) demonstrating its benefits.  Unfortunately, my writing space is also a guest bedroom/daybed I normally purpose for reading and napping.  I should be able to resist it, though.  I know going near it would be a disaster.  If resisting turns out to be a problem, I could always cover it with tacks or something.


And the picture wouldn’t be complete without Garfield, our older cat, quite bereft these days now that we have acquired a kitten. Normally Garfield isn’t interested in attention from anyone but my husband but he’s become very needy lately, even asking me for some lovin’.

I feel lucky, I have had plenty of 2008 winner Monda Fason’s advice to shore me up and let me know what’s what.  Nervous but hopeful. That’s me. 

Bye y’all,

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