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Mama’s Got a New Laptop!

Introducing:  Mama’s teeny, tiny laptop!


laptop aspire

This  blog entry is being written on the tiniest laptop in the world.

Well,  let’s put it this way, if there are tinier ones out there, I don’t know about them.

For years I have been complaining about the heft of my work laptop/computer.  Honestly, it’s like lugging a VCR—it’s well over 6 lbs—and even squarer than your typical VCR.

I have also been complaining for quite some time now, about having to share my home computer with my kids, who besides constantly wanting to be on it, have a tendency to download memory hogging images that I then have to nag them to erase.  To wit, Saturday I sat down to do a little work, tried to open  a file on my thumb drive and the computer  refused because it didn’t have enough RAM.  Talk about frustration—anyway. . .

Then, this morning I’m looking at the Sunday ads and what do I see but a tiny Acer Aspire computer, weighing in at 2lbs! for a correspondingly tiny price.  I ran over to Best Buy right after church  (good thing because I got the first one but they’d sold out by 3pm)and whipped out my Best Buy credit card.  I’m getting it interest free for 6 months, during which I plan to have it paid off.

My prayers had been answered!  So, here I sit, composing this blog post in my living room, in my favorite chaise, with the laptop on my lap and taking up about half the space of a regular laptop. 

I’m in heaven, folks. 

Now, it doesn’t do much more than word processing and web surfing, but that’s all I want it to do.  The memory’s not bad, but I also picked up an external hard drive (on the advice of my colleague, Laura Bowles) so that’s where all my pictures for this blog and ebay are going to go anyhow.

Another plus—this thing is MINE, baby, all MINE! 

The keyboard is pretty small, I must say, but God gave me small hands for a reason and I’ve just discovered what that reason is because this keyboard fits me just fine.  Thanks, God.

Bye y’all,



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