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The Bright Future of Publishing is. . .


This brief video is an absolute MUST SEE–and you have to watch all the way to the end.

In give away news, I’m a little late with the last drawing, but it’s coming soon.

Wordamour and her 13 year old are going to DC this week to lobby for the National Writing Project. We have a stack of letters written by his eight grade classmates, all of whom have the most AWESOME writing project teacher this year, and he will hand deliver them to Senators Lincoln and Pryor, possibly Rep. Snyder although his office is being slow about getting back to us, as they are every year.

Can you tell I’m excited about the meeting and the mother-son trip?

In other news, Wordamour has just become a member of the National Association of Railroad Passengers. I guess I traveled Amtrak enough times that I got on their mailing list and I have to say, I’m pretty chuffed, as my UK friends say, to be a member. I even get 10% off my rail travel. And yes, that’s how we’re getting to DC, it being spring break and all, we have the time. . .and you should see the first class rail lounge in Chicago.

For an awesome flash animation view of how the rail system in the US could look if we expanded the right way, click here

Hoping to blog more about the trip. . .

Bye y’all,

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