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A couple of tips and then some

A nod to Amy and her online magazine Inspired Ideas as well as her blog, InspireCo.. She’s on my blogroll, but clicking here will bring you to instructions on making altered composition books (heads up, Monda!). Amy’s blog is truly one of my fav’s; I get a little rush anytime my bloglines feed show there’s a new post.

Another tip, this time for writers: check out Writer’s Weekly–looks like a great source of info for freelancers and the like. I just subscribed to their email newsletter.

Stopped at a yard sale on impulse while erranding on Saturday and came home with a 1954 Necchi sewing machine that I am assured, as the seller was a woman from my church, still works beautifully and was her mother’s. I took the risk because I’d heard that Italian sewing machines last forever. It came in a beautiful blond wood cabinet that looks like an end table when not in use and the best part, was only $15 (down from $25–never underestimate church connections). Now if I can just learn how to sew again, which I have not done since I was 15. All I want to be able to do is straight seams for crafts and such–nothing too complicated. Here’s a picture of a similar machine on ebay.

It’s been a busy weekend. We’re heading to Pennsylvania on Wednesday for a family wedding–any prayers for enough of a break from Gustav rain to get out of the Little Rock Airport at 6 am Wednesday, would be welcomed. Flying in torrential rain and who knows what else. Whee. Can’t wait.



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