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Today’s the Day! And a Giveaway–

Yep.  Today’s the day that Rethinking Creative Writing officially debuts in hard copy.  It’s been available in e-book form since May and the paperback actually pre-premiered at the NAWE (National Association of Writer’s in Education) conference in London in November.

Advance word has been good nationally and internationally; check out the reviews in the page on this blog, as well as the reviews on Goodreads.  But today is the first day the book becomes available to order on say, Amazon.

So I’m thinking a contest may be in order.  I’m liking the reviews on Goodreads but I’d like to see some on Amazon and even Barnes and Noble.  A shout out on your blog would be good too, and hey, if you want to interview me on your blog, I’m all for that as well.

But right now, let’s focus on the reviews. Anyone who either:

reads and then post a review of Rethinking Creative Writing on Amazon or Barnes and Noble OR

reads and then posts a review of Rethinking Creative Writing on her or his blog

by January 31 will be entered into a drawing for one of two $25 amazon.com gift certificates (those who have already done this (Erika Dreifus, Mike Rush) will also be entered).  Just send me a copy of the link with your contact info. You get an entry for every time the review appears.

I’ll announce the winners February 1.

Bye (for now) y’all,


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When good things happen to good people. . . A Very Special Giveaway


At last, I can tell the happy news. Not only did my husband just get tenure, but he just received word that his comic novel, his first [published] novel, Burnt Norway, has been accepted for publication by Florida Academic Press.

I could not be more thrilled. Not only is Burnt Norway a hilarious romp that now, people are finally going to get to enjoy, but this has been a long time coming to one of the hardest working writers I know! And the best!

Well, it’s possible I might be biased on that last part (but soon you’ll have a chance to judge for yourself!) But not on the hard working part. As anyone who’s ever driven by our house at 4:30 am and seen the light on can attest!!!

Since it’s a small press, I have appointed myself his publicity director!   In my first act in this capacity, I am announcing another giveaway.  I will be conducting a drawing for 3 $25 Barnes and Noble gift cards from anyone who announces the news on their blog or website and lets me know about it between June 10 and July 30th.  I’ll put a few sentences that can be cut and pasted below to make it easier.  In addition, I’ll be offering lots more publicity prizes and opportunities in the future.
Bye y’all


Fiction writer John Vanderslice (not to be confused with the Indie songster of the same name)  announces the publication of his first novel, Burnt Norway, with Florida Academic Press. Vanderslice has published numerous short stories in journals such as Crazyhorse and the South Carolina Review and been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, but this is his first published book.  A comic, metafictional romance (or, novel within a novel), Burnt Norway will be published sometime in the fall as an inaugural book in their New Voices series and will be available online and through various other sources.  Look for more updates soon.


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