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Best Book Fair EVER and a GIVEAWAY


I blogged about this last year, but I think it’s entirely possible that the NCTE Bookfair may be the closest to heaven on earth that a wordamour can get.  Though I was looking forward to it, I was fully prepared for this year to be a little more scaled down due to the economy.  Much to my suprise, it was the BEST BOOK FAIR EVER.  The hottest items this year?  Graphic novels galore.   Good thing we drove this year and I brought an extra suitcase!

Check out my swag:


 And the shoulder burn/badge of honor I got from schlepping about twenty five pounds worth of books around for three hours.

And the crowds. . .


What does all this mean, dear readers?  A December giveaway.  Anyone who comments on my blog between December 1 and December 15 will be entered into a drawing for one of the following:

Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture in Hardcover

A 2009 Scholastic Books Children’s Book Calendar featuring Children’s Illustrators (we have two)

A 2009 Perma Bound Children’s Book Calendar

A “Get Crafty” Poster promoting lots of new, hip crafts books.

I’ll do the drawing December 16 and mail the prizes to get there for Christmas!

 Stay tuned for the giveaway and book fair part two, coming soon!

Bye y’all,

SV reporting from book bliss. . .

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Wordamour Goody Giveaway: A Teaser

Posts have been lean this week as I’ve been at the National Writing Project conference since Wednesday and they’ve kept me running.  Spent yesterday at an NWP Rural Sites Network workshop about site bibliographies that was amazing (NWPCA leadership team: I’m thinking I could modify this for a great leadership retreat).  Today was the General Session and workshops.  Also my day to visit the book fair.  Jump back, readers, I came, or rather, staggered,  out of that book fair with goodies GALORE.  In fact, despite having packed incredibly lightly, I am now a little worried about going over the 50 lb weight limit. I stocked up on pens (my personal fav; on principal, I never buy pens but snag them at conferences), advanced reader’s copies (Kevin Brockmeier’s latest!) children’s book posters, books to keep and books to give away, stocking stuffers and a even few goodies for The Perfect Grandson (no kidding, Monda, wait’ll you see).  And that’s what I can remember off the top of my head.  What treasure there was to be had this year.  And it was a madhouse.  Seriously, turning a bunch of teachers loose on this place when the doors open is kind of like the moment at a birthday party when the pinata finally bursts and spews candy everywhere.  Someday, somebody’s gonna lose an eye.  I swear, this year at the Scholastic booth, they came close.  So, this is going to be a short post but tune back in early next week when I detail the specfic items I will be giving away in my DECEMBER WORDAMOUR GOODY GIVEAWAY.  A working day tomorrow, planning spring and summer events for the Rural Sites.  Right now, my amazingly soft Marriott bed is calling to me.  Good night, y’all.


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