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Barnes and Noble E-Reader

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, school’s started, I’ve been finishing a book proposal and well, I’ve just felt really lazy.

But on to the real subject:  Have you been lusting after the Amazon Kindle or the Sony Reader?  I’m curious about them myself but lust is too strong a word.  I’m a real book in the hand type of person.  And from what I’ve seen of the Kindle, the screen looks an awful lot like the stuff I stare at day in and day out on a computer screen.  In other words, it looks too much like work. 

So I pretty much wrote off the Kindle, etc.  Convenient, sure, but not convenient enough to justify the hefty price tag and not enough like a real book.

Someone at Barnes and Noble must have been reading my mind.  Along came the Barnes and Noble E-reader, which you can download free to any I-Phone, Blackberry, Laptop, or PC. 

That’s right, gratis. It even comes with a few free books, like Sense and Sensibility and Dracula, in case you want to try it out without paying anything.

Hmm, I thought.  That would make my netbook an awful lot like an E-reader.

Which leads me to my experiment.  Our book club is reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for October.  Instead of heading to our local hastings to pick up a copy (we have a local independent bookstore which I used to support faithfully but that is a nasty story I’d rather not tell online–let’s just say it involves beyond-the-pale customer abuse) I downloaded the E-reader (very easy btw) to my netbook and then downloaded the Stieg Larsson book for 9.99.

So, now when I’m on the plane to Berkeley Thursday for the Writing Project National Program Leaders meeting (hoping to have a chance to blog about that) or have a few spare minutes in an airport, I can whip out the old netbook and give this e-reader stuff a try. 

I’m committed now; I paid 9.99.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Bye y’all,


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