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Live from Chicago: It’s AWP 2009

Day One Seen and Heard (mostly heard, forgot my camera today)

Book promotion in cyberspace is a “quilt of different voices.”

The late Studs Terkel on how to do a good book interview on the radio: “Read the book.”

It helps if there is a “Marita Oswald” in your life or your writing space is in Hemingway’s attic in Oak Park.

Be audacious.

Writing has either ruined my life or saved it.

No whining!

Have guts, be weird, have faith.

So far it’s been a great conference. Fabulous sessions, much more substantive than last year so far. I’ve barely made it to the book fair, but rest assured (Monda) the book fair and I will have our time together.
More tomorrow, including photos.

Bye y’all,

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