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An offbeat survey–Goldenbooks coming soon

My Goldenbooks Legacy review is coming, soon, very soon (part one perhaps today) but until then I’ll just post my answers to this survey which I found on another blog. Feel free to copy it and link to your answers here!

On My Bedside Table:
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

The Machine in the Nursery by Jeffrey Baker

The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot by Charles Baxter

(Then there’s what’s under my bedside table, the second string, so to speak, of anticipated reading.  A big pile.  Too big to list.)

Next Up from Netflix:
Spiderman 3 (Family Movie Night)

The Constant Gardener

The End of the Affair

Latest Interests:

history of neonatology/incubators

World War II

(last are for two writing projects)

On My Mind:
people I care about who are in recovery

the new semester

the welfare of our CFCA sponsored child in Kenya

to be a better blogger (hopefully)

Sarah Lugg-inspired collages on printer’s drawers painted shabby white–photos soon.

Looking Forward To:
going to Michael Feldman’s Whadya Know Tomorrow in LR

making bread this weekend

family movie night (High School Musical!)

date night

reading the new ME Home Companionthat arrived yesterday

using my brand spanking new blue toile file folders with farm animals on them!

my second cup of coffee and NPR in the background

getting ready for my first class

answering this survey (I love surveys, don’t you?) which I found on the Bella Dia blog

Amused By:
my cats

my polar opposite children (One who mused jovially en route to school today, “hmm, wonder what we’ll do today” then cheerfully anticipated each subject, in chronological order;  the other who had the usual Friday morning stomach ache and angled to stay home.  Which one is most like me?  They both are–I’ve always loved learning but I would have been just as happy to do it at home.  I didn’t really enjoy school until college, which has a lot to do why I teach there.)

Don’t Forget: The Wordamour Birthday giveaway going on this month–all posts between January 4 and February 4th will be included in the raffle.


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