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And now, a word from your friendly garage sale connisseur

Diverting COMPLETELY from writing, words and books for this entry (don’t worry, I have a juicy new book to review in my next post) I have three pieces of advice for those holding garage sales this season and because my grant writing post seems to get a lot of hits, I’m also hoping to grab the attention of anyone venturing into garage sale retail.

So, after a particularly frustrating few hours this morning, I offer these words of advice:

1. Please, please, please give directions or a well known cross street or subdivision in your ad. You want it to be EASY for people to find you, not so hard we have to give up. Yes, I know there’s mapquest, but if the internet is down, as it was this morning, I have to wing it. I hate driving around and around! Gas is expensive and time is money!

2. Decided, for whatever reason, NOT to have the sale you advertised for TODAY? Or, maybe, the ad in the paper put the wrong date? Please, please, please put up a SIGN saying so. I know you feel guilty, but I’d much rather know so I can drive right by and keep going instead of driving around and around trying to figure out where the sale is or if it’s on or not.

3. Got lots of antiques? Sell them on consignment at an antiques store. No one wants to pay a fortune for something at a garage sale. We want a deal, at least a reasonable one. Hint: this may be why a lot of your stuff ends up unsold at the end of the day.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Tomorrow is another day!
Bye y’all,

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