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Blogging: It Runs in the Family

Announcing a new blog worthy of your reading time: CreatingVanGogh.blogspot.com

Written by none other than my husband, writer John Vanderslice (no, NOT the indie singer, for the millionth time), who is currently wrestling a novel loosely based on Van Gogh into being. I can’t say any more than that because I don’t KNOW any more than that–he’s kept this work pretty close for as long as he’s been writing it (going on several years now)–although I understand that the time when I will be allowed to see it is nearing.

Anyway, who’s complaining–I’ve gotten more than a few trips to Provence out of his interest obsession.

The upshot is lately he’s also been blogging a lot about the process of creating the fictional Van Gogh, and it’s pretty interesting imho. Not that I’m biased or anything.

And if you’re not crazy about the template or lack of paintings, hang in there, we’re working on that.

Check it out. Bye y’all,

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