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Classic Kidlit Peeps

The Washington Post 2010 Peeps Diorama winners are in and two of them are very close to Wordamour’s heart.

One finalist was a pitch perfect rendition of Margaret Wise Brown/Clement Hurd’s iconic Goodnight Moon.  Check out the photo here and the brief, sweet video on the making of here.

And then, “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.”  A must see here.

Gotta love this contest.

If that’s too um, sugary for you, there’s a great post over on HuffPo on the Creepiest Children’s Books Ever.

A quiet weekend here as Wordamour recovers from her DC trip (one of the best ever thanks to her son, who makes a great travel companion) and get’s ready for AWP in Denver.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging AWP from the Mile High City—can’t resist.

Right now, there’s a Cadbury creme egg in my future, thanks to my mom.  My only one of the season.  Everything in moderation and all that.

Bye y’all


PS There was also a very good diorama of Where the Wild Things Are, but it seemed like an easy get what with the movie just coming out.

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