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Wordamour may be moving. . .

Word has it that will allow me far greater creativity in designing my blog.  I’ll let you know if any when I officially move.  In the meantime, if you have any feedback as to whether I should go for it, feel free to comment. . .

Bye y’all



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Bon Anniversaire


Fifteen years ago, on a day that began misty and rainy, eventually clearing to blue skies and bright sun, I married the love of my life at Holy Spirit Church in my hometown of East Greenbush, NY (right outside Albany).

Our reception was at the Canfield Casino (click on the link, the picture to the right is the ballroom) in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, NY. Recently, on our trip East (more on that in posts to follow), we had the opportunity to stop and glance in at the Casino for old times sake. The picture above is a recreation of a picture taken at the wedding in the Congress Park gazebo. If I could find it, I’d post it here. Imagine me in an early 90’s wedding dress, grinning like there’s no tomorrow, along with my black-evencoat-tuxedo-clad husband, John, in the exact same setting, virtually the same pose–well, I was in heels then so I didn’t look quite so much shorter than him.  Only we’re 15 years younger. One of our kids took this picture for us.

Fifteen years ago.

Just the beginning.

Happy Anniversary, John and, thank you for making this journey so wonderful.

Bye y’all,



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