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A Literary Wedding

There’s a new Geeks Guide to the Writing Life Post up here at the Huffington Post.  But more importantly, former student, Brianne Spicer and her soul mate, Martin a.k.a. “Bear” Sharum got married today and my husband and I were lucky enough to be at their “literary themed” wedding.

One of the perks of teaching is that we sometimes get invited to our student’s weddings and let me tell you, it’s quite an honor, right up there with watching them graduate.  A couple of years ago we had two weddings in one day, fortunately timed so we could go from one to the other.  “How is this going to work?” we wondered.  It’s going to be crazy. But we’ll give it a try.

You know what?  Getting to watch two couples, two gifted students, begin their lives together, in one day was pretty darned awesome.  At the end of the day I realized: this opportunity may never come again and I was truly lucky I got to experience it.

Fortunately we still get invited to “one wedding at a time” events and those are darned awesome too.  I never get tired of being invited and we do our best to make every one we can.

A toast to you, Bri and Martin and a lifetime of happiness!


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