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Literary Little Rock

The Great Bear Writing Project had its annual writing marathon in Little Rock today, reminding Wordamour what a great town this is for word/book lovers.  First, there’s the sumptuous Main Branch of the Central Arkansas Library, a lovely building with a fantastic collection and a new fifth floor holding the nonfiction, a new cafe and panoramic views of downtown Little Rock.  Then there’s the Arkansas Studies Institute.  And the piece de resistance, the multistoried Rivermarket Books which features three floors of beautiful gently used books. . .and a huge range of bibliophile gifts.

We’ll let the photos below tell the rest of the story. . .

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PS Click on any photo to zoom in for a larger, clearer image.


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And so it begins. . .

The library edition of Rethinking Creative Writing, actually the ebook being made available to libraries worldwide, is out!

And your library wants to order it, right?  Right! Information on ordering is available here.

If you just want to see the link to the e-reader edition on the Sony e-store, that’s here.  And for more general information about the book, check here.

Word has been pretty positive so far, so I’m pumped.  My friend Erika Dreifus over at one of my favorite writing blogs,  Practicing Writing, has read it and sent along kind words.  And she wants to interview me about it for Practicing Writing; more on that as it develops. . .

My friend Anna Leahy, who administers the Creative Writing Pedagogy facebook page, was kind enough to put word out there and the response was good!  And when I put a link to the book in my own status, the response was truly encouraging.  I am lucky to have such friends.

Anthony Haynes, my brilliant editor at Professional and Higher says we’re taking the John the Baptist approach with the book, announcing the e-reader/library edition first, drumming up buzz.  Next will be the hardcover.

All in all very exciting stuff. . .with more to come!

Bye for now y’all!


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