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It’s done!

Rethinking Creative Writing in Higher Ed has crossed the finish line and is at the publishers so until I get the editor’s comments back, I also have my life back. Not that I’m complaining–I am so happy to be putting this project to bed at a publisher. But for the last month and a half my life has been like a jar of marbles filled with liquid. The marbles represent all my regular commitments, family, job, writing project stuff. . .and the liquid would be the book, filling up every spare crevice, every spare moment, especially toward the end.

And so, I can breathe again. And hang out with my husband and my kids–they’re out of school now–not coincidentally, I had negotiated the book’s deadline for their last day of school. And read a few books not related to creative writing pedagogy. I celebrated by staggering out of the local library with a pile yesterday.

A few on my list: Brazil by Jesse Lee Kercheval (a review copy from the author-one of my faves!), Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt, and the ubiquitous Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (for a long drive).

This weekend, dropping ┬ámy son off at DUKE Tip, then the Writing Project starts–yippee!

Bye Y’all,


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